Oh! The places you’ll go ….the Tail of the Dragon


This is not ScFI or any other kind of fiction. We rode the Tail of the Dragon which is Rt. 129 in the Great Smoky Mountains – Deals Gap, NC. WOW!

The ride is 318 curves in 11 miles; if you ride a motorcycle you know that curves are what you want to ride. This eleven miles has them!  If you follow this Google Images link

You will see all kinds of accidents and crazy leaning into the curves…. Being “mature” Harley rides, we only lean a little and stay away from the crazies.

Riding the “Dragon” is a goal of all riders on the East Coast and it can be lots of fun.
We are so lucky to realize many dreams and riding a Harley is one of my husband’s.  I really enjoy being married to him, so I join him on the back many times.  We ride with like minded friends around our area and this trip was organized by one of them.
Guess what was available for the taking? Great Tail of the Dragon Maps! So I took a few and made envelopes for our rider friends and anyone who would like to purchase some!

bowl, choose happiness, clock 011 bowl, choose happiness, clock 012 bowl, choose happiness, clock 013
The card wasn’t my first choice, but after lots and lots of trial & error, I used a vintage print from The Great Book of Harley book. Love those books!
There is a Tail of the Dragon History written by Ronald E. Johnson that tells how this was originally an animal track used by American Cherokees, hunters and trappers back in the early 1700’s. http://tailofthedragon.com/dragon_history_story.html At the bottom of this history are links to other to interesting motorcycle rides – such as Diamondback, Devils Triangle, and Moonshiner 28. Our local Harley club makes the Dragon ride annually so we have visited several of these sites! Crazy, scary, and interesting rides with lots of mountain history to maintain!
This was my first trip to the Dragon shop. This dragon is so impressive! As an art appreciation person, the welder who made this huge creature is an unbelievable artist! http://www.tailofthedragon.com/MetalDragon.html  Slide1

The entire shop had dragon things such as dragon legs and scales on the sides of the display tables, a fancy metal dragon enhanced gate to the apartment above the shop. Wow! Wow!
My week-end was enhanced by enjoying the beauty of the mountains and the creativity, imagination and skills of this artist!
Killboy.com is one of the photographer companies that shoots riders on the Dragon. Their pictures are often breathtaking.
2013 put us in Maggie Valley, NC for lodging with cold temperatures but great company on the rides. Visiting the Wheels through Time Museum is always part of the trip; this time I was impressed with a young man who works at the museum restoring very old motorcycles. He would stop visitors to tell them the history of the motorcycle then start them! Not only do most of these motorcycles look wonderful but they run! http://www.wheelsthroughtime.com
One ride we made twice this trip was the Blue Ridge Parkway ride to the top of the mountain between Tennessee and NC. It was for many riders, better than the Dragon with the curves, the road was actually banked and made leaning into the curves feel safer as you leaned deeper. Dangerous? Not if you feel safe with your driver.

Riding behind Bridal Veil Falls was fun too. Great trip with great folks!
We are looking forward to the next season of Game of Thrones and other “dragons”.

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