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Oh! The places you’ll go….. great friends

Creativity with a capital C!
O'Neda's braclets
                                                                               What is this? Lots of bracelets!
For friendly “southern women”, working in a very large building involves many smiling greetings and facial recognition of everyone!. That’s how I began seeing O’Neda; we worked on the same floor and spoke a little. We recognized each other as creative persons and slowly we became more and more friendly. We don’t work in the same building any longer, but my building has some of the offices she needs to visit. Luckily we still have excuses to see each other.
in 2012, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 100 mile bicycling event pulled us together even closer! O’Neda bikes with different groups and needed to raise money to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s “Sea gull Century” 100 mile ride! (That is lots of cycling.)
Here is the Thank you card she created and sent to donor’s after her successful ride!  DSCN5375
Instead of just asking for donations, O’Neda made things and joined me at a craft sale. And the things she made: very different croqueted scarves, necklaces and bracelets. WOW! Everybody loved them.
Both of us were very successful at this first sale which got rained out!  Selling our handmade items was exciting outside as a huge spring thunderstorm approached! Thunder, wind, then lightening; that tent came down very fast!
Now, she is helping me with ideas, papers to upcycle, and lots of inspiration. I’m helping by making special bicycle riding note cards with envelopes.
This winter she began creating bicycling and tri-athlete bracelets. Here are some pictures of a few things. See the bikes, running shoes and 100 charms? They are perfectly placed amid the beautiful color combinations of beads.
Bike riders do get very sweaty in VA, but the female riders still want to be attractive or boast of their accomplishments! O’Neda recognized this market and creating her very pretty specialty items/creations! Another thing she is making are “arm warmers”. These will be for males and females when riding during the chilly months! Guess your arms would get cold since they are doing the driving.
DSCN5385               DSCN5386
She special ordered this great bicycle paper for cards; we tried various things for the center until I found a gift bag with all kinds of bikes!  These bikes add the perfect contrast to serious riding.  The water bottle, helmet and riding gloves are part of the paper.
Now, we talk almost daily – in person, by email or on the phone! When we get a great idea we share and then show off the results!  Luckily, she is working with me at different shows this year to begin her fund raising for another year. But the best part is being friends in creating and crafting!
She is in a photography class and really showing what she’s made of – true creativity with a flare! You see the photo of the bracelets at the top of this page.  Definitely thinking out of the box.
For 2013, O’Neda is back to creating and selling this time to assisted her cousin with fundraising in Atlanta. Nicole was working to being chosen the Champions of Hope Woman of the Year.  An honor and fund raiser also for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.    She recently told me Nicole wasn’t chosen, but she did raise a respectable sum and was pleased to support more than 1 million Americans living with blood cancers.

Being friendly “southern women” sure has its rewards.


Bye, You ‘all!

One thought on “Oh! The places you’ll go….. great friends

  1. I don’t know how you do it….so very clever and cretaive! Lovely friend as well.

    Have a great trip!. Love, June

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