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Oh! The places you’ll go…… birthdays!

Yes, birthdays! Lucky people have them and I am really one of the lucky ones! This week is also special because  we were told my breast cancer had not spread and the tumor had been removed with clean margins FIFTEEN YEARS ago! Wow! To someone with a tiny aggressive tumor, this is celebration worthy. (I ignore the memories of chemo, side effects, radiation, side effects, baldness…..)

The Pink Ribbon Polo Classic was on my actual birthday and I was celebrating there with my husband and some friends. It was a wonderful day. Friends, O’Neda and Penny worked the tent with me and also brought me a surprise mini celebration.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Even my own personalized slice of cake!


Penny’s daughter crocheted this for me and it has the perfect number of calories!  DSCN5365  This is Penny & I. She is so funny, with ideas of things for me to make all the time!  She’s right, they are good ideas and after I personalize them, we’re both proud.

O’Neda took the photos for us, that’s why you don’t see her.  This woman is so creative and inspirational!  She keeps me on track so many times; besides helping make my “cluttered” table look beautiful!     She’s an artist of many formats.DSCN5351

(If my sales table is cluttered, you can’t IMAGINE how cluttered my work spaces are!  I have an entire floor of stuff!)   DSCN5371


Aren’t there other descriptive words for clutter?  Creativity, Imagination, Inventiveness, Vision, and Inspiration! 

These are adjectives of me too- kinda sorta – and older.  But very very happy. 

So much inspiration, so little time, and I’m loving all the time I have!!!!

Thanks for sharing my birthday with me.  DSCN5350

One thought on “Oh! The places you’ll go…… birthdays!

  1. Happy belated Birthday Joy! I thought that was a piece of real cake it looked so good. You are right, we are lucky to have birthdays!

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