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Oh! The places you’ll go….. a Polo Match!

Polo match or Virginia Part 2

What an unusual “place” for me! Of course, I’ve seen polo matches, well, in the movies. Remember Pretty Woman? But a polo match in person is quite a stretch! Horses are HUGE!       Beautiful, but very large and scary to this short woman!

The Pink Ribbon Polo Classic is a fund raising event for the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, which has been a large part of my life for 15 years now. I’ve stepped back lately, but am so very proud of this organization. Here is their link:
Virginia is also horse country. Horse people enjoy polo and VBCF has been the beneficiary of proceeds from the Pink Ribbon Polo Classic.
Happily, I’m going to be a vendor at this event on Father’s Day!  (Sorry Joe, but you will probably enjoy your passion of Harley Riding without me that day. And have almost as much fun! )
horse, Army, CWar cards & hello door 025
The horse cards I have made look similar to horses, with different color combinations. They do stand alone for those of us who like to put their cards on display. The pink ribbons add the extra personality to the card & carry the meaning of the event. This size envelope had to be created to fit these new cards; each envelope is a page from the book PEOPLE WE KNOW, HORSES THEY LOVE by Jill Rappaport & Wendy Wilkinson; photography by Linda Solomon.

horse, Army, CWar cards & hello door 023

The King Family Vineyard, is the host for the polo match. This is such a beautiful location. Crozet, VA – beautiful country life, and another part of Virginia – Vineyards! ( Don’t forget the setting for the books by Rita Mae Brown; can’t help it – once a bibliophile – always a bibliophile!)
Part of my position as a vendor means I need to ask – who is your audience? Which lead me to wine bottle tags! New idea and item, so the ideas have been flowing …. a lot like wine…… Lots of wine and lots of ideas!!! Here are a few shots of the personalized tags for the event in June.

DSCN5340 DSCN5341

Can I stop at personalized tags?









Of course not, and there are so many fun wine sayings! DSCN5346 DSCN5347

What about the upcycled library cards as wine bottle tags too? Great plan!         DSCN5344

DSCN5349                                                              And wine glass cards?

So many ideas and so little time! And so very many facets of Virginia that I enjoy.

Virginia is still for lovers and I’m one of the lucky ones!

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