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Oh! the places you’ll go …….Virginia

Going to Virginia is a trip full of history, the military, our country’s monuments and different cities.

Here is the new VA map I recently completed and added to some books. The next one will be VA authors with the map – in my plans. There are many popular reading VA authors. Have you ever heard of David Baldacci, Adriana Trigiani, Patricia Cornwell, or Nikki Giovanni? Historically there is Edgar Allan Poe, Tom Wolfe, Willa Cather and even Booker T. Washington.

That star on the map is pretty close to home for me; the home of many military persons. These are some Army cards I’ve made recently to honor those who have served or are serving.  Some of these envelopes are made from the information fliers collected from the Normandy Beach Memorial in France last summer.  That was so very impressive and meaningful.
The Ordnance Corps is not special to me personally, but some of the envelopes are made from Ordnance paper – just for them. Ordnance members are not just crazy/brave people who work on munitions, but they are scientist who know all about these complicated materials. Who would have known?! The enlisted members  I’ve talked from the Ordnance Corps are so smart and dedicated, not to mention brave down to their toes.!horse, Army, CWar cards & hello door 011

horse, Army, CWar cards & hello door 003

horse, Army, CWar cards & hello door 006

           turtle & flag, DC cards 010                 turtle & flag, DC cards 009

turtle & flag, DC cards 008

There are a few DC cards included here since that is a great place to visit to honor our history. Don’t ever want work there. Traffic and politics really turn me off.

Back to history: these are gift cards or book marks made by upcycling library cards. The pictures of Williamsburg remind us of colonial history at its most attractive. Visit Williamsburg and you will know what I mean by this.

While brainstorming, I realized these library card tags can also be used around a wine bottle as a hostess gift! Just write to & from on the back! Much better than those brown paper bags!

turtle & flag, DC cards 004

turtle & flag, DC cards 007

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