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Oh! the places you’ll go…. to a birdbook

Why not BookBirds? We have bookworms! Here is my take on a bookbird! Fun!

fairy tales and Ideal america envelopes 030

These tiny little birds are nesting in books discarded from academic libraries. Learning in Adulthood published by Josse Bass and Bibliography of Bibliographies in American Literature – no wonder it was discarded!

The solid blue of one makes a sky like background for these little birdies, and the other cover is totally interesting.     VC & bird book 009

Living in a “cookie cutter” type neighborhood isn’t easy. Every home has the exact same mailbox. Ours got jazzed up a little by the embellishment I added under the box. Every spring a new bird family made their nest inside the paper box. It is depressing to clean that out and toss away the new nests so many times.
A brainstorm arrived – add a birdhouse! This little thing is definitely an inside decoration, but was residing in the attic and has a metal roof! Residing in the attic and looking pretty or hosting a family on the mailbox? The perfect plan. I drilled a more appropriate hole in the side of the house for access, and glued that lovely little house into place.

mailbox 001                                                                 mailbox 002

Within the week, a new family moved in and made it home! The exterior is “weathering” but the birds are happy every year! Guess I’ll have to be on the lookout for a replacement.

It’s relaxing to just stop for a couple of minutes and listen.   Those birds are singing and they sound happy.  They’re happy in their trees or in my birdbook!

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