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Oh! The places you’ll go …. Fairy Tales

Who has fun making envelopes from a book of fairy tales? Yeah, not sure I’m sane, but I love this project!!!
Last year our vacation was in Germany to visit our son’s family. Heather and I spend one day at a flea market on the streets of a beautiful town near their home. I was traveling home with a suit case which limited my buying. I still came home with a couple of books for altering.

One is a handwritten journal. It is all in German of course, written in pencil and not dated. But totally original. Here is a fast photo of that; it is also listed on my ETSY page –
 German Journal          VA, 4th & Army, German book 004

The other book is German Fairy tales with full page colorful illustrations. They are so full of color and imagination, just what kids and story lovers like! The pages aren’t large enough for my notecards and the paper is old and brittle. I’m making envelopes! They look fabulous! The cards are just complimentary colors with no real fairy tale embellishments. The envelopes are the pizzazz!

pulleys, bird books, petersburg, & fairy tales 003      pulleys, bird books, petersburg, & fairy tales 004
The illustrations throughout the book are definitely Not Disney! My educational history includes many years of being a pre-school teacher, so I have had many happy days reading fairy tales, not just to students but to our sons. I recognize many of the stories from the lovely illustrations. Who wouldn’t recognize Cinderella, but some of them I have no idea about. I have tried to translate the story titles into English but some don’t translate well.
The book title is Grosse bunte Mäarchenwelt Big Colorful Fairy Word
Some of the story titles include Bremen Town Musicians, Red Hood (as translated), Ugly Duckling, Brave Little Tailor, Puss & Boots, Thumbelina, Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, Red Hood (Little Red Riding Hood). Some stories had no title pages or I could not understand the translation – King Chokebart, Hans in Luck, Caliph Stork, and others that are mysteries to this American.
Enjoy the pictures. I think I’ll just add a couple of envelope packages on
Maybe I’ll hear from you there!

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