Oh! The places you’ll go…… Happy Mother’s Day!

Happily, Mother’s Day at our house when I was young began with wearing  a red or pink rose to church that morning to symbolize our living mothers.  White roses  were worn by  adults to memorialize their mothers.  My maternal grandmother  came to our house for lunch and we had the season’s first strawberry short cake!  YUMMMM.  We  had a strawberry patch and by Mother’s Day there were enough strawberries for the first cake!  I don’t remember  cards or gifts  just the red or pink roses and the strawberry short cake! Daddy always got us the roses – from his mother’s flower beds!

A friend gave me some lovely calendar pockets to recycle; as usual, I continued to brainstorm with those myriad of  ideas rolling in my head. I began looking for quotes about mothers and found a quote I really loved and I had an old music notebook! So the Mother’s Day packet came together!

mothers Day 002

“My mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being.  I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. “by Graycie Harmon”   This is so great for so many of us who have left to nest, and love our mothers dearly.

The calendar pockets are folded in half with a regular card & envelope stuffed in the front, a butterfly card & envelope in the back , inside is the Mother’s Day saying and a gift tag/bookmark.  They are all tied together with a ribbon.

mothers Day 001

Testing the market at work proved successful; so I began making the pockets for the cards myself and the picture above is an example.  The days of living within a couple of miles of the entire family seems gone to me, so I imagine these as perfect gifts for  mailing.

mothers Day 004My mom is living and very active and my sons are only two in number, but I’ve enjoyed Mother’s Day  exponentially much this year by making these card packages for Mothers!

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