Oh! The places you’ll go… the footsteps of President Lincoln

The movie Lincoln was filmed in the very historic town of Petersburg, VA.  This just happens to be near our home.  We went to see the movie and recognized so many of the locations.  The Petersburg residents weren’t always so happy to have the filming in their hometown.  Streets were closed to be loaded with dirt and inconvenient; kinda messy really.  But the long term results are that many people visit this historic area just to walk the same path of Lincoln in some of his final days of life.

We walk these sidewalks regularly for shopping, book club meetings, and dinners out.  A few years ago I had the idea of making a coat hook out of hammer heads.  The location for my hammer head shopping was Jerry’s Antiques on Bollingbrook Road.  This is the absolute cleanest and best organized antique shop I’ve ever visited!   Really great for an organized librarian!  Of course, I found hammer heads and see how great the coat rack looks!!  I never get to enjoy the look though because it is always covered in hats.  We have a ton of hats.

pulleys, bird books, petersburg, & fairy tales 006        For some reason, this head always seems to jump into my photos at the last minute!   pulleys, bird books, petersburg, & fairy tales 008

Late last year we had the deck enclosed into a fantastic screen porch!  It was too late in the year to use it much, but with spring coming I began looking for the accessories to add the personality.  I plan to hang a couple of candle lanterns over a pub table.  I want to hang the lanterns from pulleys – not new shiny pulleys – personality pulleys.  So I went back to Jerry’s Antiques.  After looking a little, Jerry and wife Ginny said they had sold 9 pulleys the Sat. before.  They thought they may have some in storage.  If I would leave my name and number they would call; so I pulled out my Books ETC business card.  Ginny was impressed by my business card and that lead to a conversation about my cards and altered books.

This long story turns into Ginny asking me to make cards from Petersburg maps and to add Lincoln as the center of each card.  Their business has increased with visitors to the Lincoln walking tour. Great for me – A custom order and great for them more sales and interest!!!  pulleys, bird books, petersburg, & fairy tales 011

A custom order means research and searching, but I was able to find maps to use of Petersburg for the cards and envelopes.  Ginny loved them and wants a couple more.pulleys, bird books, petersburg, & fairy tales 012

pulleys, bird books, petersburg, & fairy tales 010

The pulleys are perfect.  They aren’t hung as of yet, but they are wood with worn red paint!  I can’t wait to get them hung; that means I’ll soon have a back porch full of personality so I can fill it with friends and family!

pulleys, bird books, petersburg, & fairy tales 002

Here is the Facebook page for Jerry’s Antiques!  It is definitely a great location for many things.  And it is clean and organized!  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jerrys-Antiques-and-More/117781181566371  Visit them through Facebook or better yet, in person with some shopping in mind.

2 thoughts on “Oh! The places you’ll go… the footsteps of President Lincoln

    • Yes. We could really identify may of the buildings and locations. The head Park Ranger from Petersburg National Battlefield was a big part of the advising for the movie. Other parts of the movie were filmed in Richmond.
      Who would think – coat rack from hammer heads 🙂 Joy

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