Oh! The places you’ll go….. to the beach!

Throwing clay to make something beautiful, and then watching the sun set over the ocean?  Sounds like a movie set doesn’t it? 

Another Wild Wilson Woman does this and teaches others to “throw clay, paint, illustrate, and enjoy creating in different ways.”  This way many people, young and old alike, have the  opportunity to watch the sun set at Sandbridge, Virginia.  My cousin, Renee’, is the artist in residence and shares so much pleasure and motivation with her students here.

Her name was never Wilson, my father was the only son, her mom his oldest sister, but Renee’s blood is very Wilson!  She trained as an artist and taught in public schools for many years.  Think about being that teacher – papers, paints, crayons, and tons of projects for hundreds of students at once.  Then think about being the “traveling” art teacher who moves from room to room with a cart and no actual art room!  (I don’t have to have things in perfect order, but this life would be horrible!) Renee’ did all of this and inspired creativity!

For many years, Renee’ made Christmas gifts for friends and family.  Yes, as you can see,  she has always loved the ocean and living almost on the in the sand is the perfect location for her studio.   These are some of the actual sea shells she embellished over the years.  As so many things do in my “collections” these have moved from my Christmas tree, to my all White Christmas tree, to a crystal bowl with sand dollars now.

kids, cats dogs 095

When Renee’ left public education for her own studio, she began with small classes.  Her students are many different ages, some very very young children who excel in the arts.  It’s great when parents see these strengths in their children and give them to opportunity to progress.  One of her early summer camp classes made fish from clay.  

DSCN5183This guy is really full of personality!

This one was made by Renee’ as the example, but I saw the students and was amazed! 
And check out this tiny clay vase!  It has different  impressions in the clay, sits on a metal stand and holds potpourri.

kids, cats dogs 139Another one of a kind is this tray made especially for our new home a few years ago; and a perfect bowl.                     

kids, cats dogs 134

Renee’ said she enjoys the freedom of making things with students and for herself; creating sets of bowls would not be as creative.

kids, cats dogs 138

Don’t let the pottery fool you.  She is a multitalented artist.  This narrow painting is also for me specifically; it is of  water lilies from our home on a pond.  Our guys were out fishing while Renee enjoyed taking photos.  Years later the photos were used for inspiration. Fish 004

Another theme it seems is that the Wild Wilson Women always recreate themselves.  We learn new things, use our talents in different ways, enjoy sharing with others and stay creative.  Renee’ is a Wild Wilson Woman too, and I’m so lucky to have so many of her special pieces.

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