Oh! The places you’ll go…. kids, cats, dogs, computers and users!

This string of words runs through my head without even realizing it. When my husband was bothered with some one – human or animal he would use this phrase to mean – HE HAD NO USE FOR ANY OF THEM! (I used caps here instead of the salty language heard when he is upset)

Computers were the biggie since my husband has been in software design and development since computers were the size of rooms! Helping lay people work with computers can be very frustrating.  A funny example was the evening he was helping his mother, who is in her 80’s use a computer long distance. She has the screen enlarged as large as the monitor and can’t see the things he sees on his normal size screen!!!!   After about an hour and a half, I just took him a beer.

Kids? And the dog? Anyway, all of these things or people can be frustrating. You get the picture.

The phrase has meaning to me now because of the special note cards I’ve worked on this winter. Many breeds of dog calendars have been upcycled into envelopes and well as some beautiful cat calendars. Professional photographers really do these animals justice; capturing their beauty and personality on the calendars.

       kids, cats dogs 126                    kids, cats dogs 119kids, cats dogs 121      kids, cats dogs 115      kids, cats dogs 098    kids, cats dogs 112

The “kids” part of this phrase is more difficult for note card making. Unless you see the Anne Geddes baby photos. While on a scavenger hunt, I found a large Anne Geddes Autobiography with wonderful photo layouts. Of course I bought it and have made several note cards.

     kids, cats dogs 145  kids, cats dogs 147

Go to my Etsy shop to see all the cards and maybe buy some or send the link to someone who would love them.


No computer or “user” cards. Computers aren’t lovely and the “user” my husband was  is most often frustrated with is me!

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