Oh! The places you’ll go….. I got it first!

My opinion of the Wild Wilson Women is bias I know, but I see us as outside of the box thinkers and driven workers. We share other traits too: facial features, tempers, choices of clothing, colors and gifts.
More than once Carol & I have purchased the exact same gift for the same family member! Honestly, I was so upset when our Mother’s boyfriend, Paul, opened a Christmas gift from Carol that I had bought for him and he hadn’t opened yet!!!! It was the perfect gift – a flat concrete dog shaped stepping stone! Paul LOVED dogs, and needed very little. I had found this gift during the summer knowing it was perfect for Paul, and saved it till Christmas. Carol had done last minute shopping and bought the exact same stepping stone! Well, Paul got two dog stepping stones that year! It’s not funny if yours is opened second!
Obviously, Amy thinks similar to me/us also. She sent me pictures last week of the activity her Storytelling Club completed. Butterflies and wildflowers! Just like me….
Birds & flowers on table
Amy is a middle school librarian; last week was the birthday of Dr. Seuss which is celebrated in many schools with special reading projects. Middle school is a little old for a Dr. Seuss project and since the younger students were already participating in special Reading projects, Amy did a little outside of the box activity. In her words
“Really, this was a project based on two details: 1. it is Read Across America Week, and while middle school students still like Dr. Seuss, we decided to celebrate it a little more maturely. 2. I have been weeding my technology section, because computer books from 1995 are a little outdated. I hate throwing books away, no matter how old and ratty they are. So, today was Club Day, and instead of going around and reading, I taught my Storytelling Club the joy of recycling old books. They made birds, butterflies, and flowers. We put our display in the main teacher work area to promote reading and to present our lovely final products. “
tree with birds & flowers
At this middle school, each staff member is required to sponsor a student club. We meet once a month on a designated day, during the regular first period class time. Amy’s club is storytelling and usually they perform for the little kids at the elementary school next door. Can’t you imagine the middle school students showing off for the elementary school kids? How impressed these little ones must be when their “idols” come to their classroom? Great responses on both sides. Teacher's work ro
Now to up-cycling those old technology books – I bet the students wanted to see the faces of their teachers when they saw those “torn up books!”
Laughing and loving are definitely characteristics of great teachers in my opinion. The Wild Wilson Women definitely spend our days laughing and loving.

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