Oh! the places you’ll go ……. Butterfly mornings and Wildflower afternoons

Doesn’t that phrase sound relaxing and sunny? It is a fact that February is the L O N G E S T month of the entire year! If you don’t believe this, ask any elementary school teacher!
Most often Virginia doesn’t have awful snowed in winters, but we do have overcast skies and r a i n . Neither of these are popular in my psyche. So I’m daydreaming of the wildflower mornings and butterfly afternoons.
Butterfly note cards are often a hit and I do enjoy making them. Also these fit some people’s need to have stand alone cards for display. Like everything else I work toward – mine are a little different or original, especially if I’m not cutting well that day.
Using cardstock with designs on both sides make the cards very interesting for display. And I go between 3D butterflies for the bodies and glitter squiggles.
my target 016 
While working on the dog show cards and looking for dog breed calendars, I also found a lovely butterfly calendar to up-cycle into envelopes. Nature is so amazing.
Carrying through with the wildflower theme I again tried to make flowers from book pages and other things. The lotus flower instructions came from a BHG link; I made mine from 3 different books instead of 3 different colors of paper.
Also while reading other blogs, I found cool flowers made from old dress patterns on Cosmo Cricket. Wow, I really have enjoyed sewing for many years and thought this would be fantastic. My best friend from elementary – high school had a professional grade seamstress for a mom. Pam has recently inherited her mother’s old vintage patterns. I told her about them immediately!
You’ll notice in the pictures; my flowers are nothing to write home about. But, they are original and full of texture and follow my places you’ll go theme!
my target 015
There is a song titled Butterfly Mornings! It is from a 1970 movie, The Ballad of Cable Hogue, a Western. Don’t know that I saw the movie but I do remember the phrase as a greeting card message. Must be why this is rolling around in my head. Here are the lyrics:
Butterfly mornings
Butterfly mornings
Catch me there
Gonna get me there
If I have to climb all the mountains on the moon                                         
I’ll be in butterfly mornings
Butterfly mornings
And wild flower afternoons
I found you in the corner                                                                                                                   
Down there sitting on the sea
Gonna trace your footsteps
Underneath the waves
On the petals of a wild flower
With the sun high at noon
I want walks in butterfly mornings
And wild flower afternoons
Butterfly mornings
Wild flower afternoons
Wishing you all Butterfly mornings and Wildflower afternoons!   Joy

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