Oh! The places you’ll go …. Draped over a door

Oh! The places you’ll go….  Draped over a door

Garlands are most often thought of as Christmas evergreens to decorate a mantle, but I have paper garlands made from book pages, naturally.  Well, naturally  to me.

These intertwined leaves are cut in the shape of oak leaves from colorful atlas pages or black and white print pages from an Arabic English Dictionary.  Both garlands have paper flowers through out and are full of texture and interest.Garland    dog show & bench 010       Many thanks to my friend Barb, who emailed me the pictures of a garland I made her that hangs over a door in her lovely, lonely home.

To make the Butterfly three-dimensional book (seen in the Purchase Tab & on my ETSY store), I cut butterflies from the center of a book.  Never would I toss out something so special.  Instead I created a butterfly garland intertwined with color punched butterflies!  One of these delicate garlands was used at the Book Birthday Party in January of my 4-year-old grand-niece.     dog show & bench 009

I haven’t mastered the lovely paper roses I’ve seen so often on Pinterest, some of my flowers are much simpler. 

Mine are only great circles – all crunched and bunched and placed where ever!  Song Birds 014      

Book pages are so interesting.  Hope you love them too!

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