Opening and closing my “Blooming” notecards

Yes, you need to know how to open and close one of my blooming notecards. Here is a short video.
Step one is open the card by pulling gently on each petal – one at a time – until the card is open.

Step two is writing your message inside. You can write in the center only or on each petal. Use the card as a family greeting where each member of the family signs on one petal. Or at the office where co-workers sign on the petals.

Step three is closing the card so that it lies flat.

Tuck one petal under the center brad; now move to the next petal – in the direction of the smaller petals. The last 2 or 3 petals will need to tuck under ther center brad and the earlier petals.

Watch the video with the sound off and you’ll be able to do this easily.

Go here to close your “blooming note card”

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