Oh, the places you’ll go…. A Birthday PARTY!!!

Oh, the places you’ll go…. A Birthday PARTY!!!
Amy, my niece, is a middle school librarian, mom of two and a happy wife. She is also the one who hosts the family Christmas Party these days, organizes events at her school and gave her brother one wonderful Wild Wilson Woman “Red Neck Weddin’ Shower” .

When Amy sent pictures of her daughter’s birthday party, I borrowed the title for the name of my Blog posts! You’ll soon see why!

You can imagine Amy made her daughter’s 4th birthday very special. She had decided on a book theme before the January birthday and began organizing ideas.

The book page wreath with a 4 gives the party location away as does the smiling face of her Happy Birthday Girl.4 door wreath   Even the snacks were book titles with the books placed nearby. Carrots from Mr. McGreggor’s Carrot Patch were served; Mr. McGregor's carrot patch

crackers from  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish ;One fish

Hungry catepillar

finger fruits perfect for 4 year olds  from The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Each child received a gift from The Giving Tree. giving tree

And the balloons and  banner !Oh the places you'll go

I’m sure you’ll see many projects from this Wild Wilson Woman later on. She and hubby brought her mother’s home and have begun adding their own personality. Amy was married in the yard of this home about 12 years ago. We all have made wonderful memories here, and I’m very happy Amy is loving her children from this home.

Of course, I’m always happy to “Oh, the places you’ll go….  to Amy’s House!”

6 thoughts on “Oh, the places you’ll go…. A Birthday PARTY!!!

    • If you do it, don’t forget the “bookworm” treats–I put gummy worms in little bags with a bookmark. The kids got a kick out of that one!

      • Sorry Amy, I missed the bookworm treats! Gummy worms are so much fun for kids; I used them as treats after reading How to Eat Fried Worms during my teaching days!

    • Oh Yes Terri! This could be a great library activity. Maybe have the kids search through a chosen group of books to find how each food item ties in with the book. Then make bookmarks for their bookwork treat of gummy worms!

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