The places you’ll go…..Love Letters

Don’t the words Love Letters  sound romantic?  I think so.  Love email or Love tweets just doesn’t have a remotely similar impact.  Letters were the only way to communicate with soldiers and other loved ones for many many years.  During war times the correspondents would number their envelopes to announce the sequence for the recipients.  Of course they were dated inside, but this way everyone knew if other letters were written.

Back to my weeded books theme – Love Letters.  From the book “SINCE YOU WENT AWAY: World War II Letters from American Women on the Home Front” edited by Judy Barrett Litoff and David Smith, I’ve made some more contemporary Love Letters for Valentine’s Day. I searched the book for loving words to glue to puzzle pieces to create this 3 D framed piece.

Valentines 2013 002

Quote from the frame and card.  “We fit together so well…it’s like pieces of a puzzle, the way your hand fits the curve of my hip and the way my head rests on your shoulder, the way our hands just melt into one, and the way I feel complete when I’m with you…like the picture’s finally completed and I’ll never have to wonder what I’m missing.”

When the framed Love Letters Puzzle Pieces print turned out so well, I decided to make cards with the puzzle pieces too.  The quote was something I found from a search online.  These words would never have been written during WWII  – this is way too risqué for that period of time.  Today, this is tame and acceptable.

Valentines 2013 009

Here are a couple of pictures of other Valentine Cards I’ve made also.   Valentines 2013 011Valentines 2013 012

Available at my Etsy shop:   www.booksetc.etsy.com

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